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Found just north of Wheatland, WY. Along interstate 25 is one of Wyoming’s most historic and exciting areas. Glendo State Park offers many activities from May through September. This park is best known for it’s camping & boating opportunities.

When the Arapaho and Cheyenne Indians withdrew from SE Wyoming and the North Platte River, they left behind a variety of tipi rings and cultural artifacts which can still be found in the area. Also within the park are historic branches of the Oregon/Utah/California Trail, though now mostly covered by water. At one point in history some of the best potatoes in the nation were grown in Wyoming, since the extremely fertile ground attracted the early settlers. Glendo is the nearest town to Glendo SP. Construction of a dam and power plant was finished in 1958. The dam structure is 2,096 ft long and 167 ft high.

Glendo, WY - weather report